Being cool at the library

I thought these were really awesome websites that show that libraries are staying current. They feature fashionable librarians and even some that dress in gorilla suits. Making people curious about librarians attracts them to the libraries. Getting out of the box that they have stuffed librarians in, these individuals are definitely creating reasons to want to go to the library. Steven Kemple is the music librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Main Library and he is definitely busy trying to make people curious about libraries. That’s why he has created different free programs and one of them “has been the bi-monthly Listen to This! series, where you can hear anything and everything within the Main Library’s collection of some 120,000 CDs and 12,000 vinyl records” (Rosen, 2013). The Rhode Island Library Association also created a calendar that, “features tasteful photographs of young, fully clothed librarians doing things not uncommon for folks in their profession: reading books, re-shelving books, standing in front of books. These librarians also happen to have tattoos”(Lee, 2013). The calendar is called “Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State” and it definitely caused a lot of curiosity.


Lee, L. (2013). Breaking news: Libraries are cool, and so are librarians. Providence Phoenix. Retrieved November 12, 2013, from

Rosen, S. (2013, September 18). The Art of Being a Cool Librarian. CityBeat. Retrieved November 12, 2013, from



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