A book about cookies and a glass of milk

Today I typed in the word library into Youtube to discover what might come up. The first thing to come up was a series about the library called Project: Library; it was actually really funny and interesting and the first episode even included a pair of thugs that demanded one million pounds to a patron that had overdue fines.  Other things that came up were about visiting the Vatican library, the future of the library and even a library thriller. The link above is about the Cookie monster going to the library and clearly not understanding that the library does not provide food; the librarian does not prove to be patient and cracks under the extreme pressure. Librarians must have great customer service; this encourages others to come to the library. According to Miao and Bassham (2006) “Customer service is defined as an organization’s ability to consistently meet the needs and expectations of its customers… Library is a service profession.” It is very vital to give good customer service, especially as it is one of the Core Values defined by the American Library Association ( American Library Association Policy Manual , nd). It is definitely not a good idea to react like the librarian in this video, but definitely a good idea to try and accommodate to the things that are possible.


Bassham, M.W., & Miao, H., (2007). Embracing customer service in libraries. Library Management, 28(1), 53. Retrieved from http://libproxy.library.unt.edu:2055/docview/198866279/abstract?accountid=7113.

“Core Values of Librarianship.” American Library Association. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Nov. 2013. Retrieved from http://www.ala.org/advocacy/intfreedom/statementspols/corevalues.


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