Reading is exciting

My co-workers, since I have told them I want to be a librarian, come up to me and they like to tell me their different experiences that they have at the library. Recently one of them came up to me and said that she and her son had gone to the library because they had some free time and they needed something to do. And then she said, “They like to read now, but when they go to school they stop because they have to do it for homework.” I kind of nodded my head, laughed and even agreed to this statement; however, the more I thought about it the less I agreed. I went online to find something to prove that this does not necessarily have to be true and I found this website Even though the website is directed towards “educators and Spanish-speaking families of English language learners” (Colorín Colorado, 2008), I thought the information was still a valuable tool for kids of any race. Some of the tips they had to offer are finding books that interest the kids, reading books with poems and rhymes, and my favorite (of course) asking the librarian for help (Colorín Colorado, 2008).


Getting Your Children Excited About the Library. (2008). Colorín Colorado. Retrieved November 4, 2013, from


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