Most people think that a librarian is a specific type of person; a serious and kind of mean person who just says “shhhh” when you talk too loud. And in the case of the Monsters University, a librarian can also be a very mean large tentacled monster who will literally throw you out with the most minimal noise you make. However, what I have learned this semester is that a librarian can be many things; the thing they all have in common is that they deal with information and how to manage it; but a huge part of it is helping people.  They are definitely there to help in any way they can. Two weeks ago I was sitting at the library doing homework and a young man came in and he had no idea how to convert his resume to the format that he needed for it to look right. He walked over to the librarian and she immediately came over and clicked a few buttons and voila! He had his resume. He printed out what he needed and walked out happily. That is the kind of service that is given at the library in the city that I live in, but at other libraries I have visited this is the case as well. This is one of the reasons I want to be a librarian.


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