Being cool at the library

I thought these were really awesome websites that show that libraries are staying current. They feature fashionable librarians and even some that dress in gorilla suits. Making people curious about librarians attracts them to the libraries. Getting out of the box that they have stuffed librarians in, these individuals are definitely creating reasons to want to go to the library. Steven Kemple is the music librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Main Library and he is definitely busy trying to make people curious about libraries. That’s why he has created different free programs and one of them “has been the bi-monthly Listen to This! series, where you can hear anything and everything within the Main Library’s collection of some 120,000 CDs and 12,000 vinyl records” (Rosen, 2013). The Rhode Island Library Association also created a calendar that, “features tasteful photographs of young, fully clothed librarians doing things not uncommon for folks in their profession: reading books, re-shelving books, standing in front of books. These librarians also happen to have tattoos”(Lee, 2013). The calendar is called “Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State” and it definitely caused a lot of curiosity.


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United We Spy

I recently finished reading one of my favorite series by Ally Carter that I have been reading since high school. I was completely devastated that it was the final book but United We Spy was definitely a great way to end this exciting series. There was action in all the right places and the right amount of awesome as well. For those who have no idea what this series is about, it is about an all girl school that teaches you how to be a spy. There is also a conspiracy and a group of them has to end up basically saving the world along with their cool spy parents and all of their awesome gadgets and tools. They had paper that dissolved in water! I mean how awesome is that; it is pretty much the coolest way to get rid of any evidence! It is a great series and I definitely recommend it to those who like spies and young adult novels.

Mobile what?

This was a cute video that I liked; I found that the importance of mobile technology in libraries. There are so many different apps out there on smart phones that can be very useful in the library. Cell phones are portable, light and almost everyone has one. They all have apps that are useful in the library; one of them is the different ereader apps out there because libraries have ebooks online now people can download them at the library or at home and have instant access to them on their phones. Another really awesome one is the Goodreads app. People like to know if what they’re going to read next is good. This app provides a barcode scanner that directs them to the review of the book. I like to use this when I go to the library to find my next book to read. I have also heard about libraries having mobile check out systems which also facilitates the process as well. Technology is changing and libraries are too, but librarians are definitely staying relevant to everything that is changing.


A book about cookies and a glass of milk

Today I typed in the word library into Youtube to discover what might come up. The first thing to come up was a series about the library called Project: Library; it was actually really funny and interesting and the first episode even included a pair of thugs that demanded one million pounds to a patron that had overdue fines.  Other things that came up were about visiting the Vatican library, the future of the library and even a library thriller. The link above is about the Cookie monster going to the library and clearly not understanding that the library does not provide food; the librarian does not prove to be patient and cracks under the extreme pressure. Librarians must have great customer service; this encourages others to come to the library. According to Miao and Bassham (2006) “Customer service is defined as an organization’s ability to consistently meet the needs and expectations of its customers… Library is a service profession.” It is very vital to give good customer service, especially as it is one of the Core Values defined by the American Library Association ( American Library Association Policy Manual , nd). It is definitely not a good idea to react like the librarian in this video, but definitely a good idea to try and accommodate to the things that are possible.


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Reading is exciting

My co-workers, since I have told them I want to be a librarian, come up to me and they like to tell me their different experiences that they have at the library. Recently one of them came up to me and said that she and her son had gone to the library because they had some free time and they needed something to do. And then she said, “They like to read now, but when they go to school they stop because they have to do it for homework.” I kind of nodded my head, laughed and even agreed to this statement; however, the more I thought about it the less I agreed. I went online to find something to prove that this does not necessarily have to be true and I found this website Even though the website is directed towards “educators and Spanish-speaking families of English language learners” (Colorín Colorado, 2008), I thought the information was still a valuable tool for kids of any race. Some of the tips they had to offer are finding books that interest the kids, reading books with poems and rhymes, and my favorite (of course) asking the librarian for help (Colorín Colorado, 2008).


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Librarians Vs. Google

I need librarians!! Those are the first words I thought when I read the title of the article “Who needs a librarian when you have Google?”. Chada (2013) points out that there is a lot of information on the internet, but “it does not pay for and provide access to the mass of information resources like CLEVNET provides. And as powerful as Google is, it does not provide a librarian to help you filter through millions of research results, then curate and create a playlist of amazing resources in just a few minutes”. This is all true; there is so much information that people have access to, but they do not always know what is trustworthy or not. A librarian does; they can filter and search through different databases and resources that will provide the correct answer to a question. I followed the link on this article to another article found on and saw that one of the ten jobs that didn’t exist in the past was data mining; companies are gathering customer information more and more, but need a way to help organize it. This is where a librarian can come in handy because they know how to manage information; according to Casserly (2012), “data analysts and scientists look for behavioral patterns to help retailers and businesses predict future trends or to build recommendation engines or personalized advertising”. So Google is not my only friend when it comes to finding the information that I need.


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I was recently (last night) working on my information hunts (which is this homework for one of my “library” classes as l like to call them) and I was using their World Factbook. I got curious. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case the cat (me) just got excited. The thing I got curious about is what a CIA librarian does exactly.  The first thing I saw was is that the location is Washington, DC and then I saw that they can make more than $95,000!! GASP! I had no idea, but it makes sense because they are responsible for helping with having information ready to aid in different ways; they have to be strong in at least one of the following things: doing research, doing different technical things, and even  having a strong customer service. This is definitely one of the work places that I found to be pretty awesome and different.


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